5,000 Fun-facts to know before dating a typical Igorot Lady

1. A typical Igorot Lady is not a good cook

Accept it guys, though we know they are always ready to help in cooking, but the fact is, it really the men who cook specially during occasions.

This does not mean though that she cannot cook at all. In fact she does, she can also do a lot of Pacham dishes (pachamba dishes, dishes with no names or recipes). Thanks to the internet, she now has more options.

Don’t worry, Igorot men are not picky eaters.

2. Make-up is not her thing

She is beautiful inside out so make-up is not really a must. Not that she doesn’t like to wear make-up, in fact she also does but just for special occasions.

3. Do not expect her to wear sexy outfit (Not that she is not confident about her figure, she is just conservative)

If you want a fashionista then back-off, she is not for you. She is simple and practical. Fashion and trend is the least in her list (hmmm help me out on this part ladies, probably on your comments).

She even swims wearing pants and t-shirt on the beach or swimming pool unless there is a required proper swimming attire by the resort.

4. She’s got muscles too (if you’re lucky she is more of a cowgirl than you)

Guys, she literally can keep-up with you, may it be in hiking or trekking. She can even beat you on your own game, so do not dare challenge her.

To be specific about those muscles, it’s just those calves. Probably because of mountainous landscape of the Cordilleras.

5. She is not sweet nor showy, but she is definitely loving and caring.

Probably a natural reaction to the not so romantic male counterparts.

So, it might not be her fault at all. Seems like it goes back to the typical Igorot guy thing. You not being romantic fired back.

6. Nahhhh…She is too complicated…feel free to identify numbers 6 until 5000…

I can only enumerate 5 fun-facts… I know you have a lot to include, add it on the comment box :)…

Ladies, sorry but we need to level the playing field. It’s the men’s turn now to prove if these fun-facts stated are true. This is just for our enjoyment as readers and not to degrade any party nor to stir-up conflict. The key word is “typical”, meaning, it may not be true to all.

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This are just the views of the writer and not Baguio Local Eye as a whole.
The writer does not claim to be expert in women. This article is not also based on research nor survey. Just an observation of a proud Igorot himself who grew up in a local community.



  • We are now leaving in the modern world, and some of the cordillera ladies are blending-in, they put-on some make-up’s , they try fitting in to fashion, but yeah I agree to your 5 Fun-Facts, I’m not much into cooking…hahaha..I’m more on to eating..hahaha.. Probably you can also add, “Taraki” I have known a lot of lgorota that wherever you take them they can blend in to other people and we can do heavy task.

  • LOL..You stole the thoughts running in my head when I’ve read the typical Igorot men and put them in writing 🙂
    6.They are not choosy with food and eat like a man too XD

    • I agree to Jhinna 100%. Like who cares, I love eating.

    • HAHA! The comment about the calves in #4 made me literally laugh out loud. When I moved to Manila and had to buy rainboots, these muscles made it hard for me. Hahahaha! My mountain legs do not fit in lowland boots.

    • Wen ah! Basta pagkain!

    • that’s way they are strong as an ox, agpala da, ag caratilyada, reminds of this… I was digging and carrying dirt and the lowland carpenters who are working in my house said, ay manang diay babbae diay ayan mi ma-arte da. madi da agtrabaho t kasta.

  • I agree with everything though the younger ladies now are into make ups na and fashionistas.
    But basically we are cowgirls adi..”arte arte ka sisa kag ka adi Igorot” ti mangeg mo pag nag~inarte ka pa..haha

  • Yahoo!! Really it is,,igorota ladies used to wear jeans too! Booth those levis jackets and wear boots!
    Love on hunky tonks!drinks sime beers! Plus the mere sex appeal you cannot resist to ignore,,
    if you dont believe me,,try to date one,rhen you probably agree! Just like those western cowgirls out there!! 🙂 🙂

  • Maybe the author might be a guy, He lost his words ehh… nice try ….

  • I am an igorot too but I think being fashionista doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not conservative. You could be simple, practical and fashionista at the same time. You could be sexy without showing some skin. Being NOT fashionista and being conservative are two very different things.

    • I think the author means on her/his word “fashionistas” is the fashion today. Come on, lets accept it, now a days what’s in – is not long sleeves or long pants but tube or crop top and short shorts – as the word fashionista means “latest trends”. Also, I believe in this article the author talks about conservatism in the “way of dressing”, as you cannot consider someone who wears revealing clothes as conservatives (generally – but I don’t know if you have different perspective). But I know – what you mean is – “You could be simple, practical and ‘elegant’ at the same time. As elegance means being stylish. I could be wrong though.

      • I dress up and like to use a little make but very conservative. I can compete with the other women in looks and still can do all the other things that the author mentioned,

  • igorotas actually are best buds for men, you often see igorota with boys…don’t be judgmental,thats their nature ..being friendly to men without malice

  • Nahh!! Im Igorota and I don’t agree with 1 3 and 5. Sorry, Lalaki samet gamin akin surat sina. First, my mom and dad taught me how to cook good uray simple lang ay sida kas kada makan ..believe me it tastes good! and Oh well, I do accept I don’t know how to prepare pastas, sandwiches and cues cues and salads salads whatever coz that’s all western or foreign foods! But try me, I can prepare adobong repolyo for you,, youll forget youre girlfriend!!ahehey!

    Culturally, Igorotas are taught by their parents to cook well to serve their husband in the future….

    • Igorotas/Igorots were taught to cook and other household chores at an early age because their parents are busy in the farm. Although the menu is not that with complete spices, natural/organic is good. After few years of maturity both men and women work in the farm too after doing the chores in the house. At a teen age, they can already be independent.

    • Maybe the author meant that we igorotas don’t know how to cook food with “recados” like others other culture do like those being found in the cook book. Datako gamin ginisa ya nasabawan nan amu tako or nilengta daida eman ket nu camote kuma manbalin c kamote que n d likes. Sabagay ed neman lumalaeng meten nan anan ak.

      • Yeah, that’s what Im trying to point out here. If we don’t know how to prepare foods with REKADOS that does NOT mean we are not a good cook!

        We are a good cook in some other ways.

    • The author based his thoughts generally. Meaning, they don’t necessarily apply to every individual.

  • this is the only article i felt leaving a comment on. i found it interesting that i’ve been smiling for the whole time i was reading this, as they appear to be true to most of the igorotas i knew. i am not an igorot but i am not far from being one. i just love the female igorots even if at times they tend to be supadas (in a good way). 🙂

  • Yay! I surely agree to all these. I love being from the mountains. I remember visiting my late Ilocano boyfriend. They were too worried I might not be able to climb their “bantay” or carry the coconuts back down to the road. Guess I gave them the surprise of their lives! I went up and down in no time with my “muscles”. Proudly sweet Igorota

  • I agree…been there before….but naturally and eventually I am changing to fit and join the fashion world today.

  • Mmm..seems all the 5 was indeed true but now a days,Igorota ladies are becoming more modernized and trying to change specially the kabataan this generation but Basically,it all depends on the environment they grewn up and the people who sorrounded them.Im a pure Igorot and it’s true that i dont know how to cook but bcoz of Internet,thank’s God i knew it already especially cooking complicated recipe which according to them,it taste Good.haha!!!just a thought!!!

  • I can’t help but smile with this article. So true for me. As my cousin says when someone is telling me to dress up for a common day, “Igorot garud”. From 1 to 5 and 6 from Jhinnalyn’s post and 7 from yan’s post though I was raised in the lowlands. I think the author is someone who don’t care about what other people says as well (in a good way) – so was I. Hahaha.

  • No tatta nga panawen.fashionistan dagita igorots lady…

  • also, igorot ladies always speak what is on their minds.

  • So true to mostly igorotas like me,I’m not a good cook but I’m learning because of d internet..we igorots also speak frankly w/ each other..I’m not a fashionista before but atleast now I’m learning how to wear fashionable clothes..I’m more of a cowgirl that sometimes being mistaken as a tomboy coz of my manners..

  • And they don’t like guy who care too much of himself.

  • I read all n also the comments. actually I only see good things. what can be worst for someone it doesn’t means cannot be perfect to anothers… I’m on 40 years old… until today I miss to meet a lady like this article describe… it perfectly full fill my ideas about what i dream must be my future n forever wife 🙂 now i know where i must searching my forever wife. thank you to the author!!

  • hmmm… I may add one thing… igorotas may look snub or they seemed to be cold but get to know them and you’ll find out they are warm, kind and friendly.

  • after i’ve read the article about the typical igorot guys i’ve been waiting for this, “facts about a typical igorota,” and it’s worth the wait! this is so true!!
    and for those who are sayin that it’s not true bcoz it’s like this and like that, well I think u should read it twice or more, that’s why the author said that it’s just TYPICAL.

  • you just finished describing me…hehe

  • These are true, many years ago and to some these days. Sadly, we are slowly losing them, the good traits that differentiate us from other groups of women. As other comments stated here, we are now blending in. But do we really need to blend in? Especially with fashion and make-up? Some might say yes but I personally believe we are beautiful the way we are or the way we were many years ago. I wish we can keep it that way. I do but I have friends who are into “uso” and make-up and the downside is, they tend to over do it. Be ourselves Cordillera women and be proud!

  • Igorota’s are good cook 🙂

  • My mom is very proud of my cooking. I started cooking while in college following recipe books she can’t wait for me to come home from the city to our Mountain Province during school breaks so I could cook for her and her circle of friends. She loves to brag about it now my 2 kids prefers my cooking over everyone else☝️ & my also igorot husband lost his skills in cooking coz I do all the cooking at home.

  • I am true blue Full Blooded Igorota, but I am a Good cook and my mom is an Excellent one… Though I think the author means FBI’s do not cook much with the recados. Being with muscle, we are also “handymen” since we do not depend much on men to do things around the house…

  • whoever did thiz waz juzt born 0.5 millizecondz ago, damn bruh , like zeriouzly?

  • i agree with you,they wont really resist it!im working here.in china for almost 4 years and every western guy i encounter they often asked me:im sure you are from the highlands in the philippinnes..and if i ask why they answer me like..cause u speak english well and strong personality!…hmm….proud to be igorot!

  • That’s why most of the Igorotas are huge…huge bicep and calves☺ they love eat all you can,jeje peace kadi! Igorotas are Mestizas, hardworking at matatangos ang mga ilong

  • Being a fashionista and Conservative are two different things. If what you mean by fashionista is that they dress sexy and revealing clothes then most Igorota are indeed not fashionistas. I do agree that an Igorota dresses practically; ala man pagbadu-en yu ti sleeveless and mini-shirt then let her hike the mountains in freezing cold just to reach her destination. Part culturally and part environmental are the reasons for the way mountain women dresses. I believe they’d rather be covered from head to toe because of the cold and also more practical to wear pants in climbing up and down the mountain and stairs that’s everywhere.

  • you just done me described…and i agree to all description you mentioned. i can cook but no name and it taste so good to the toungue of everyone,when i concentrate my cooking act…i can not wear skinny pants due to my big muscles but cute to see when naked.i dont look romantic but so when time of romance i can bring my husband over the heaven,haha…one thing i can add to this, “IGOROTAS are mostly beautiful with a lustrous skin, even without using skin lotion.

  • I agree with all mentioned…. Igorotas are the friendliest people one can be friend. Simple lang, pero totoo silang tao, mapagmahal, at madaling mapagkatiwalaan, ….but mind you, don’t betray their trust and love dahil kung gaano katamis ang asukal, ganyan din kaalat ang asin

  • so true everything mentioned are correct , the saddest thing is that some are ashame to tell that they’re FBI

    • Thats true..shame on them

    • I am a proud igorot living here in the US and have met many friends from the lowlands including Visayas to Mindanao. Some of them don’t believe me that I am an igorot. They think that we igorots looks like aetas. short, dark skin and curly hair. I told them to do their homework good. Yes, we igorots speak very good English.

  • You hit the nail right in the head! Fun read if I must say so.

  • #1 nailed it! XD

  • Im igorota, I totally disagree to #1, i can cook well, and i know a lot of igorota’s can cook well as well.

  • Igorotas are sometimes shy and does not talk too much. Not used to beso-beso or hugs and kisses with friends. Not so showy and sweet with their boyfriends but genuinely caring and loving.

  • Modern world or not why put makeup on your face that is made from many chemicals hence many in western countries spend alot to undo damage to thier skins… as an igorota o natural is best…

  • I am an Ibaloi and I agree that Ibalois are shy type “Mahinhin” as they say. They easily blush when they notice a guy eyeing at them.

  • …yeah right very true….
    im a pure blooded igorot and i all agree with 1-5…natataraki pay adi gmin di IGOROTA…sad to say enggay adado di mabain or not proud nga igorot da…

  • its funny that one way or the other the list are quite true.. hahahahaha
    Im a proud Igorota here! and yes I’m proud of my calves as well, I even wear knee level dress and shorts to show it off.. so what if its big! that’s my identification 🙂


  • Hmmm, Igorotas also love Country Music and can sing one or two Country songs and or more. Although conservatives as the author claims, we are are open-minded, adventurous and take challenges with great strides. We are religious. We can sacrifice for the welfare of our family. Thousands of Igorotas are migrant workers abroad.

    Tapian u abe 😉

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  • You’re right, except number 5 for me. 🙂
    6. We’re sweet, only that you torogi guys aren’t comfortable with it. One time, I held my ex-bf’s arm, then he looked to the left and right side. Then he said, ‘madi tan scandal’.wahaha. He held my hands, but I don’t like it too. I prefer me holding his arms and I love placing my head to his back (we’re leaning our backs against ea other) when we go to parks. hahaha. LoL. (first bf at 25 *sigh)
    7. We’re simple, outgoing, gregarious, and trustworthy pipz. We’re -true- friends ’til the end of time.
    8. We love country music (and other music genres) . I belong to the 90’s 😛
    9. We’re simply beautiful. We have natural blush-on (rosy cheeks) LOL.
    10. We’re humble. We live simply. We appreciate nature.

    I don’t wear boots –coz I prepare rubber shoes (with jeans/loose jogging pants) since I love to walk and walk while chitchatting with special people. Im not so girly (but im sexy haha), that some people think I’m tomboy before.

  • It will be interesting to know the ages of the people who comments here. I am 34 and I find the list to be true to most of our generation. My bros and dad cook for the family. Even in canao`s, it is typical that guys do the cooking. For those who cook good, I applaud you. You are not one of the ´typical´igorotas. I also never learned to wear make up since I grew up gardening and selling veggies in the market. I find it to be a waste of money at that time. I´d rather buy food. At this age, I still dnt wear make up but I try on occassions. I guess we cannot blame the younger generation in keeping up with the trends, they need to adapt also. Our place is open to lowlanders and foreigners, and it is just sad that instead of them adapting to our way of living, it is us adapting to theirs. That´s all, thank you. 🙂

  • *An Igorot lady knows how to grow Sayote.
    *An Igorot lady knows “saleng” as a kindling and not as a firewood.
    *An Igorot lady knows how to prepare UGSA.
    *An Igorot lady ALWAYS has a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers in their wardrobe that is usually worn more than the typical stylish ensemble they have.
    *An Igorot lady “makeup” consists of: basic lip gloss (and I’m not talking about the sparkly and glittery stuff, we use that when we must and not ALWAYS), foundation/powder, and if we are in the mood for it, eyeliner.
    *An Igorot lady don’t go to facials that much, sometimes, they never go. Some of them are blessed with GOOD to VERY GOOD skin.
    *An Igorot lady usually “blushes”
    *An Igorot lady NEVER or SELDOM swears and if she does, it’s to get a point across.
    *An Igorot lady would rather go drink with her buddies (male and female alike) in quiet bars or where you can have a decent conversation or sing aloud than to go discos.
    *An Igorot lady knows if she is tone deaf or not. If she is, she wouldn’t grab the mic and belt out an Aretha Franklin shamelessly.
    *An Igorot lady is more attuned to nature. Green thumb or no, she respects the good earth as it gives life to her and to her family. Living in a metropolis or not, you would still see a patch of earth close to her. Let’s just say, she’s well grounded. ^_^

    -My mother is a Home Economics major, so I learned how to do pinikpikan in a young age BUT IF SHE GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH MY DAD, DAD DOES IT BEST. I don’t know why, but he does.

  • Igorot women are taraki.. They work like boys under the raging ultraviolet of the sun. That’s the nature of an Igorota.. They’re not “choosy” when in comes to many things.. meaning they’re not maarte..

  • Well it doesn’t make sense wether u don’t know how to cook or ure not a fashionista..sometimes we cannot deny that our culture is now fading..being an Igorot doesnt reflect on the way things are…it is accepting the fact and being proud to be an igorot…not only through verbal ..but by heart…

  • i liked all the comments, read it all through, maid narikna si linnastugan, it was all sharing, ( which is one attribute of an igorot too, men-innistorya da)

  • well, children.. what can i say? i am a full-blooded igorot.. and educated in one of the universities in Baguio. we can describe ourselves, and argue.. but hey!! we are equally created.. whether you wear make-up or not (i don’t).. cook well or don’t (i don’t) speak out your ideas or don’t (i write it down) … and etc. we are… Igorots!!

  • All comments are true, as we all have our individual differences. May i add: IGOROTAS are honest, not showy about their affection in public but give their all to their husbands. They are good mothers, good wives, good housekeepers, knows how use hammer, saw, and all the carpentry and farming tools. Isunga uray no mabalo da, they can still raise their kids singlehandedly. This is generally speaking. God bless all Igorot women.

  • keep and must stay on being conservative

  • Plus an igorota don’t want to be the center of the crowd nor being out of place… if you wan’t to please her better don’t promise the world that you can’t fulfill, just be your self… she loves country music especially inspirational one and wants refreshing adverture for life… don’t plan a date on costly restaurant, she’s too practical for that… ask her for picnics along river banks, trecking on mountain ranges and watching sunrises and sunsets; and she’s happily obligue… a typical igorota.

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