5 fun-facts to know before dating a typical Igorot guy

1. A typical Igorot guy is not romantic

Do not expect an igorot guy to hold your hands while walking along session road. That does not mean that he does not love you, PDA(public display of Affection) is just not his forte.

2. He is practical

Do not expect an Igorot guy to take you to expensive dinner restaurants or hotels like that of Baguio Country club or The Manor just to show-off. Dinner at Good Taste restaurant a walk in the park (the Historic Burnham Park) would be his perfect choice.

3. He is shy

As the local saying “Nu han nakainom managbabain, Nu nakainom mangibabain” (If he is not drunk, he is shy and timid, If he is a bit drunk, he is a guy to be ashamed of), usually a joke refering to the Ibalois but is actually aplicable to the majority, the Ibalois are just branded as such because of the “Shy mango” thing.

4. A typical Igorot guy does not give flowers

Though his land is where the flowers comes from, giving flowers is not his thing. More practical gifts comes in mind first when giving gifts, those that can be worn or used.

5. A typical guy Igorot guy drinks, if you get lucky he also chews betel nut (moma)

Yes, accept it girls, 4×4, 2×2 or round pose is his favourite beverage. He usually starts drinking in high school. Bettel nut chewing is also becoming more popular.

Disclaimer, the writer is a proud igorot himself and does not reflect BaguioLocalEye.com as a whole.
This is just the bloggers view and might not be true to everyone. The key word is "typical"


  • Perfectly said…

    • I would like to add one more to this. Igorots are not very vocal of their feelings but you see it in their eyes. Just like the song said: “sa mata makikita ang tunay na damdamin.”

  • whether igorot or not, it wouldn’t be advisable to be walking hand-in-hand on Session Road; you could cause an accident in that crowded-busy street. Walk single file and be ready to swerve, stop, evade vendors, people with eyes hooked on their cellphones, people carrying stuff on their shoulders and/or heads… (and that’s the same with foot trails on the mountains and creeks.) He he.

  • Very well said!

  • I admit number 1 and 2.. i am an educated and experieced guy but when it comes to practicallity im a fan but PDA is not an option.. hehe

  • …in short respect his/her culture if you fell inlove with an Igorot.

    • Sylvia Valdez Sabado

      Respect and embrace hehe. Anyway pinikpikan with etag and sayote is exceptionally delicious. Not so fund of holding hands but akbay, yes. That time, the one I dated was not a drunkard but a body builder.

    • Sylvia Valdez Sabado

      Respect and embrace hehe. Anyway pinikpikan with etag and sayote is exceptionally delicious. Not so fond of holding hands but akbay, yes. That time, the one I dated was not a drunkard but a body builder.

  • yup agree with the writer…so to those of you who wish to date an Igorot think twice hahaha coz Igorots are very practical,they don’t have to show their affections in public as mentioned in here.although, Igorots are also very loving and caring people..

  • betel nut chewing and spitting are unsanitary and a turn off!

  • Since I had a gf, I never gave her flowers,never dated her in a resto, but (turo turo or jacks and good taste lang) oh come on..instead of smoking,,chewing bettel nut is the best!…proud Igoy!hahahaha!

  • I guess im not igorot then. lol.

  • We are proud to agree and confirm this information and there is more…..they are GENUINE to profess their love…no dramas….they just love to wear maong and shirt…..levis though….straight to the point.

  • been with one here for more than 4 yrs now and he’s 3/5. haha drinking in high school seemed normal to them and theyd rather take you to good taste than the manor. he used to be shy and (sort of) lacking confidence like his peers esp when with a manilenya. luckily too, he does not chew betelnut yey! guess he isnt that typical haha but i love your post

  • Lol..funny but true..
    Their’s more …igorots may not be into PDA but igorots are sweet in their own way…and most of all..igorots stickes to 1…But unfortunately in this new generation its slowly changing…
    But Still, im proud to be an igorot 🙂

  • I always heard that a lot from my friends here in the U.S that igorot man are not sweet and showy., one relationship lead to divorce because of that.

  • Hehehe that’s the typical igorot…well said just laugh at it…all the five doesn’t apply to all.

  • I am an Igorot. I don’t chew bettel nut. And I am not shy. I just don’t talk a lot. But when I’m compelled to comment, people feel sarcasm in my views (specially when their opinions are put to question). That makes me a boring table companion in a bar. When I’m drunk, I smile a lot. I don’t hold hands with my girl friend. That’s what I do to my lady friends. To a girl friend, I more love to put my arm over her shoulder so i could easily bury my nose to her hair and kiss her neck. And she would easily hear my soft amorous words as I stutter in my lines. When I like a person and want to give some flowers, it comes in a pot. I dislike giving flowers that weathers in days. It should be something you can plant or to place in your window and for that person to water and nourish. Although I am rooted in country music, I play blues, jazz and anything mellow that never cease to touch my heart; and it has been my bread and butter playing soft tunes in restaurant lobbies. After a gig, you may find me alone in a coffee shop savoring a moment in a soft leather couch in the window corner being fascinated by car lights outside. I love to dine out to places that doesn’t have to be expensive. All the money saved can be spent to other things of interest like touring the outskirts of Baguio.

    • wow! there’s a romance in it. 😉

    • damn! <3 now we're talken

    • well said,this is the real typical igorot…hehehe …i liked the comment of this guy..and to the writer not all apply maybe 3 of it apply the most…One thing you forgot to mention, igorots are wise…Proud to be an igorot…i would rather not have flowers,i chose to have a true and genuine love that would last forever…

      waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…kaya nman pala taraki ti comment na dytoy ni Johan lopez gyam dytoy hehehe…thumbs up to the igorots…

      • Howdy Johana!

        Ditoy ak lng nga taraki! No makasabay mo siak iti restaurant ket jay igup ko iti barako iti laeng manggeg mo. Maayatan ka iti tunog iti puskol subil ti Igorot nga agkape iti barako. Muwah!

        Dear, msg me on FB. I’ll tell you more Igorot jokes

    • Nice….

      Good on you mate

    • cool ! splendidly stated. You can be a writer too 🙂 :-)..nice share though..

      • Hello Salley!

        Thank you for the comment!

        We all love to write. We are all walking books of opinions and ideas. Some write to publish for the entertainment and education of the public; and me, i say things openly to bore my friends over a cup of coffee. Usually we end up binge drinking more acid with bottomless ‘barako’ as we cry in laughter with many of life’s sitcoms that we witnessed along with friends and family. We usually hate and regret it afterwards when we find it posted of Facebook of our stolen pictures laughing so ugly with our wrinkled faces. That’s where them friends and family have the laugh at us. That makes the Karmic cycle, hihi.

        Have a great day Salley!!!!

    • Hmmmm, good guy.

      • Thank you Liza!

        Actually, that’s my middle name.

        Mostly dun sa mga girls na nang basted sa akin sabi nung mother nila na bakit naman,,, Johan is a good guy. I could’ve been a great father to them girls.

        i never had a laugh whenever I tell of this joke.

    • i wud love to be ur girlfriend,man lol

      • Hello Nikheetha!

        I’d love it! I will pamper you with care.

        But i’m sure there are lots of Igorot boys vying for your love. The hard part is that you can’t choose for they are all charming and sweet.

        Savor the moment, enjoy the friendship, don’t get fat with chocolates (share them w/ ur your mom and brother), buy extra jars for the roses, let the guy w/ low self-steem hold your bag when in groups at a bar (it gives him responsible ego),,, umm, ken daduma pay nga sigud nga ammom.

        There are lots of great Igorot guys around. And you can easily spot them away from the boys of summer. hihi,, nag adu naibagak manen.

        Have a happy day dear friend!

    • Wow! That kind of guy! 🙂

    • nice one love it!

      • Howdy Lotlot Marrero!

        If your suitor stutters as he tries to deliver his Shakespearean lines, keep all ears and with an understanding heart. We Igorot guys have a hard time wooing our admired lady.

        We are born singers in the garden as we ask our crops to grow. We chant the the gods of harvest to bless our produce so we could earn money and be proud to promise marriage to our beloved. When I was in my grade school days, I am so shy but my love for a lovely girl give me courage to go (with trembling feet) and give her what i could offer. Ti mula mi idi ket kamote. Sunga everyday ket bwisit isuna nga mangiyawawit iti sweet potatoes.

        We are not as exciting as Antonio but there is a Zorro in us. Just don’t rate us zero at first impression,hihi.

    • Hmmm that sounds a great igorot guy!

    • I instantly fell in love with this:) I admit….haha….I just hope this really came from you hehe….just kidding buddy….I truly love it:)

      • Hello there Art!

        Thank you for the comment.

        Wen, agpayso amin dayjay. Pinadas ko met ti nag langgong ngem haan ko bagay. All of us boys have a feminine side and a childish longing for our version of fair tales. Now i’m old and still having a tug-of-war with many childish fascination.

        We Igorots are amorous. It’s just that, we cannot simply bring out and express our innate romantic nature. Ananusan yo adi dakami tan nay ay kaman nina di ugali mi. Ngem no maipanggep adi si galdin et kabisado mi pay.

        My dad is one of the sweetest lover and my mom is a beautiful and caring individual. I am a wonderful product of that love. We all go to the movies, to hot springs and lots of local walks here in Baguio. Then in those days, Aurora theater is the next best there is from Session (now renovated as Volante pizza). Walking down to Magsaysay to the jeep terminal i will rush in front of them to act out the epic scene of the movie we just watched. Many of the sweetest evening walks in my life. We can’t afford farther excursions then but every moment is exciting and I love being held by their warm hands as we visit places around town.

        I lost them both to disease. I thought it will be a lasting poetry of loving and caring for us-me not wanting to grow and be their little kid forever. Now I’m an old and loveless Igorot trying out my inherited charisma. That is if I could over power my shy mango nature and able to bring out my Don Juan romantic tendencies.

        Soft music became my constant friend. We both cheer in sorrow along with loneliness and his drinking buddies in a basement bar in my mind. We usually belch on a common song by sad folk singers on them jukebox (they still play inside my mind somewhere). I hope it’s not tumor pressing on my poetic circuitry.

        Art, Adadu metten naibaga kon. Be sweet and love a lot!

        Have a great day dear Art!

    • nice to have read this..thanks for the opportunity.. yup, the typical Igoy do not show off hehehe, where most gals longed for from an Igorot guy..i guess I’ll just be open minded..he he he

  • I am an igorot guy but nothing fits me from those you inumerated except the practicality. We live simple lives and want to keep it that way. Though it may seem that quite a lot of Igorot men fits those descriptions, we have all our preferences. Widen your circle so you can date guys to the likes of Paulo Avelino, Richard Gomez etc.

  • Well same as majority commented, well said my friend, as I am a pure blooded igorot born in the cordillera province but grew up in the lowland (Pangasinan) but still my behaveour was there as you mentioned (not all) but 70percent of it. Keep up your g9d work my friend and God bless.

  • well indeed. a favor i ask, can you also do a typical igorota…. haha.

  • Wen Iran ..hahahah .tet era iman but bah walk ha nagaket ay menu boa..shad I nan unstuck ay igolots

  • Indeed true … hahaha

  • “shy ak mango doesn’t really mean shy” it means they are ok where they are and don’t bother yourself because they are ok and convinient where they seated or situated…..

    • i think what you are saying is shiyayak mango. shy mango means they really are very shy ( some ibalois lol) just saying peace

      • hi,there’s no such word as “shy mango” in ibaloi vocabulary.the original word is “shay-ak mango or shiyayak mango w/c means dont worry im fine/dto lng ako”.IT was just then converted to “shy mango” by whoever made that. All in all “shy” is “shayak/shiyayak=dto lng ako/im fine here” not the english word “shy”

        no offense here.just wanna clarify things:-)

  • That’s the truth about Igorot but i think the igorot guys nowadays are becoming socialite especially those who spent their youth days in d city..one thing i admire most about d igorot guys is their saying that goes this way “uray awan guapo nu nataraki”hehe cheers fellow Igorots

  • I’m an educated Pinoy gay man and I want to date and have a lasting relationship with a hunky and caring Igorot guy who will not cheat or steal from me. How do I go about this?

    • ..hmmmmm, ,I don’t know too. But you are lucky if you meet such person. I know some people who are in a relationship and are happy.

  • I chew too much betle nut and all the girls got turned off because of it lol

  • It is true.. i love my igorot husband.. he is not sweet but he loves me so much.. igorot man is the best partner for an endless relationship..

  • this is lame.. people change, do not stereotype igorot guyz blah blah blah duh ! am sick ov it..ama full blooded igorot and i grew up in a home swarmed with caring, sweet and extremely loving men.. this doesn’t make sense.. not holding ur girl while crossing the street?? what the fuck did you get a girlfriend for then. fuckin stupid just a dog then

    • XENE, watch your mouth,igorot men don’t say fuckin and stupid,they have respect to themselves and they choose words to say.

    • it may not be pleasing to comment such thing as it was noted that it was “only the bloggers point of view and it may not be true to everyone” it does’nt harm nor threat anyone, so why such rude comment?? becareful for what you’ved uttered for it might be your own actions 🙂

    • Xene, Dimmakkel ka kunam iti home swarmed with sweet caring, and extremely loving men ngem masapul met sabon ta ngiwat mo. Evidence point the other way.

  • Not Only Igorot Boy nmn po ah ilocano boy din po kaya jejeje


  • Being an Igorot does not always mean a 4×4 or a 2×2 and that of a moma chewing thing. There are some who simply decline having them yet practicality and being simple is still a thing being an Igorot. Seldom do we give flowers and bring a woman for a fancy date yet our love is one of the purest amongst the rests. Baggaten ka lang en kaysa guyuden ta imam hahaha

    • payso ta kuna yo sir…

      • Of the five fun facts given by the author, only number two will remain as we get older and live with other cultures. The younger generations adopt and assimilate into better ways or to the culture of the community they will live in. Even number two, “shy shy mango” is being stomped out. As my full blooded igorot father always said, “awan maalam iti bain bain”. You gain nothing by being shy. Also it is different from being shameless. The betel nut + gawed ( vine leaves ) + apog ( powder from burnt bisokol shells ) = momma is chewed to make the body warm. Betel chewing is known and practiced too in other countries like Taiwan during winter.

  • Agree… ammodahhh!!!

  • very true!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Igorot are romantic in their own way… they will stand with the girl whatever the cause… They will not leave you if you are drunk especially if you are a lady…. they may be shy or can I say they are gentleman enough to protect the sensitivity of every woman (mahirap na baka akusahan pa sila ng chansing)… they do not show their feeling in an extravagant way or PDA because they preserve a romantic interaction among their partner (may killig kaya kung no touch sa Session Road parang naghahabulan kayu) ….. and Pati kaya GIRLS GANUN din

  • haha, dayta met kanu nga talaga

  • Djay ngay tambayan ti babaro nga torogi… magsaysay, mabini, assumption, legarda, kayang, lakandula, bokawkan sato amin nga inuman ken billiard an idjay baguio, tapos never the less is comiles, mangmangan ti aso ay kunan da pang pulutan ken sabaw ket hang over…

  • So True. But they are romantic in their own way and have this mysterious vibe that made them attractive

  • Shiyay ak mango not shy mango. shiyay ak mango meaning dtoy ak lang, isu met t inbaga da, 🙂

  • Im an Ibaloi married to a lowlander with an ilokano and tagalog roots.

    Those aforementioned igorot traits are true, but in the long run, they would matter less. There are much more important issues that would arise as the relationship continues such as the wedding ceremony including the foods to be served.

    The lowlander must also prepare herself and their house for his parter’s relatives as guests all year round, and might I warn you, because we love our relatives, we tend to visit them in groups. So be ready to host 10 or more guest at a time.

  • No kadagiti dadduma ket wen kaniada, kadagiti met dadduma ket saan kunada. Iti ababa a sao, agsupadi iti nariingan uray pay kunaem nga igorot met laeng ti nagapuam.


    Ngamen adda dagiti typical a romantiko ket adda met laeng dagiti typical a saan a romantiko, ngarud kaawatan a vice versa ti kauugali ti maysa a typical igorot.

    Ta narigat met a kunaentayo a ……gapu no igorot kan ket typical ti saad mon iti agpang ti kina-romantiko? Kas kunakon, agsupadi laeng iti sense ti maysa a typical nga igorot.


  • Hmmm what’s the fuse all about. Will you please relax. Cool down people. That is the perception of the author why not respect his thoughts. although I do not agree with the typical because not all igorot men are chewing bettlenut, nor not sweet at all or even don’t go to manor or any expensive place. They do go to expensive places and buy expensive liquours (eg. jack daniels, johnny walker, chivas regal). My husband is sweet and caring he’s an ibaloi and not shy and does not chew bettle nut by the way. hundreds of my family members are not chewing bettle nut. So the word typical is not true as perceived by the author maybe typical in his group or circle of friends. Coz he’s one of them.

  • Depende! Apay?
    Saan nga amin a typical igorot ket kasta’t kayarigan ti kinasiasinno na iti agpang ti makunkuna a romantiko.

  • 6. Do not expect to carry your shoulder bag whenever you go out with him. But during your marriage days, you would expect him to carry everything.

  • Pure Ibadoi but my wife from Bacolod i learn what my wife like to be romantic. But as long as i live im proud because of the humility and bravery runs to my blood.And my wife love me “Guapo eshan e Igodot”.

  • Raquel, The Accidental Artist

    i used to date a fella igorot and yes im laughing cuz most in the list is true! darn even the first date is in good taste >_>

  • nayan, “he” adi, haan nga “she is a guy to be ashamed of” ( typo perhaps)… but not all igoy guys drink liquor like their just drinking soda or juice nowadays. I used to knock on bar doors at dawn or even at lunch time..not to get in, but to be let out..eh eh.. ..but those times changed.. we manage to evolve too as many do. Wisdom really helps a lot:)

  • just typical..but mostly it’s true..proud to be igorot tho’

  • You forgot some thing.. we’re also into music. Igorots mostly likes country, some old school rock, and reggae… some say we are the funniest in ways that tears would burst from your eyes while laughing. Epesially when drunk… some igorots teases their girl friend in ways na maaasar ka na kinikilig (a friend often does that to his girl)… that’s all I can add up… wala akong girl friend ehh kaya yun lang..

  • I am an Igorot. I don’t chew betel nut. I hold my wife’s hand when walking along session road. Sometimes, i put my arms around her shoulder so that i could protect her as well. We do not dine at baguio country club or the manor, but we go to master’s garden, someday we would also try eve’s garden and maybe la parilla, and sage restaurant. I dine with my wife to sizzling plate as well when we want steak. I really don’t give my woman that much, but i only want to be sweet to her. I give her bouquets of flowers during special occassions and chocolates as well. I must admit i am a confident igorot, and i become even more confident when im drunk. I drink gin and yes it started during my highschool days, but i don’t drink that much anymore, i have to change lifestyle. I have to be a good model to my sons. I am a pure blooded Igorot

  • true na true hahahahha 🙂 nice one writer.. 🙂

  • Im an igorot, this is exactly what an igorot guy is haha excluding the chewing of betel nut(moma) and the drinking. I drink but not much and I also think chewing of moma is unsanitary.

  • I am really laughing out loud with #3….proud to be an igoy!!!

  • you forgot to mention no. 6

    6. An Igorot guy is “TARAKI”

  • I think that is profiling. We can not judged a person from his character. Every person have a way of showing their affections as long as it’s genuine that’s all that counts.

  • Almost all true except for No. 5.

  • Hindi nmn lahat ng igorot ay ganyan..Tulad ko, nagbibigay din ako ng bulaklak dahil libre naman,,sobrang dami sa atin. Romantiko ang igorot kaya,,mahilig kumanta karkaro no naka inom.Umiinom din ako ng tapey pero hindi ako artek. Practical kami..tama un ngem no timmama met ti usok wenno garden, ammo mi met nga agi treat uray iddiay sagada lunch.. he he he. Ti importante met ket nab sug san eges santo nag enjoy nga nangan ti pinikpikan. Awan gamen dayta iddiay country club. No shy type ti igorot,,awanen koma ah ti naka bahag,,..i am talking about myself. cheeerss!

    • Agree with you Padli. The only part applies to me is #2 but hey even Ilocanos do that, even the Americans where your date will pitch in iti bill nu malpas mangan. I’m sweet and do little things to show affection to my wife.
      This article is just plain bullshit stereotyping crap!

  • Hahaha, bingo! You can not just hold the hand of your girlfriend in public because that’s a taboo according to old folks, she is only your girlfriend and not your wife yet- so no touch ( one way in showing respect to the girl) that is mistakenly tagged as a non romantic action by others. And believe me girls are more excited and thrilled with men who are not showy of their affection in public that they call them gentlemen. Igorot men are not good in PDA because they don’t show you how they love you but they let you feel how they love you in an extra ordinary way. Happy to be in love with an Igorot!

    • 6. Taraki. Can’t even define it by words. But really there’s something unique being an igorot. Guys don’t bother to impress you by giving chocolates or flowers or teddy bears. But when he loves you, mariknam to ladtan. I always have that feeling of being safe whenever I’m with my guy.

  • This is BS! I’m proud Igorot and only #2 is applicable to me to another level because I expect my date especially steady date to pitch in with the bill. Because of my sweetness, my wife (she is Croatian), always melt like a chocolate in my Igorot Hands. I mean this article is junk and is a form of stereotyping! C’mon, we are in the 21st century!

  • bsta igorot taraki hehe,cool down guys this is just for fun,if its not applicable to you then ignore.

  • Sussshhh to all with the violent reactions. Its true that the above mention characteristics are not applicable to all igorot men. This post i beleive is meant only to orient those who are yet to meet an igorot guy although i repeat:NOT APPLICABLE TO ALL. She would just be lucky if he happens to be sweet, does not drink, smoke or chew bettel nut.
    Matago tago taku ay igorot.

  • awan sabong… awan restaurant ngem adda kamote… ok atoyén… addo mët ťí kastöy..

  • in addition to that…igorots are naturally handsome and beautiful…han da unay ti make-up ken han da managji-gym…six-pack abs are taken out of everyday ‘field’ work…basta kasjay…asino man ti igorot dita…maawatan da dytoy..matago tago tako am-en..

  • I interviewed many ladies and they said that they are TURNED OFF by a guy who chew Betel Nut. Naka araryek kuna da!! What does chewing momma really give?

  • To those who have negative comments the writer just want to express his view which he did not tell “ALL” igorots, he just want to tell everyone that “if ever someone would like to date an igorot guy, these are some of the traits that they should accept for it has already been practice by our fellow igorots; hana nga kunan nga amin, accept it or not agpayso met nga araramiden ti kaaduan nga kakailyan”. If ever you or your husband is not chewing moma or not shy it is okay, no need to say such sarcastic comments, chewing moma is already in our culture so accept it, I believe Igorots may have different cultures but they respect each others beliefs so why make a fuss about such things…………

  • Proud to be igorot…guys i like the way how you narrated about us, as igorot. Chat me if you want to date, live and learn the way of true igorot guy. ….kickboxer0627@yahoo.com

  • ti igorot,(not all )omminoinom nga omona santo maibagana ti ayatna.

  • True,, not only d Ibaloi’s,, guys are shy but not if drunk,, hmmmm

  • Partly true,but just respect what an IGOROT culture and traditions is as long as were not stepping anybody,God bless the Igorots from the beautiful mountains of cordillera,and all over the world!!

  • I’m purely blooded igorot but grew up in bataan, and every time na uuwi ako ng baguio I saw those igorot guys are so cute and handsome…. Hehehe..

  • Only an Igorot can make practical things seem suuuuper kilig-to-the-bones romantic. 🙂

    It’s not just what they do but how they do it. It’s part of their charm.

    My Ibaloi boyfriend rarely sends text messages but when he does and may “I love you”, feel na feel ko talaga kasi I know that he REALLY means it. 🙂

    He may not say it directly but if you listen to him sing his favorite country and Bon Jovi songs, you will know exactly what he’s too shy to say.

    I may not be an Igorot but I’m SUPER lucky to be dating one.

    Our future sons will be so lucky because he’s experienced so many amazing things that he can teach them but our future daughters will probably be single until they reach twenty-five.

    Hahaha. 🙂

  • matago tago tako am in igorot guys and igorotas…my dream husband is to be an igorot guy,hehehe

  • Proud to be one..

  • i dont chew betel nut or drink 4×4 but im a real igorot.I just laugh at the other comments…as we can see now a days, Igorots have many complexities and diversities- what i mean is some are shy and some are not, etcc….but one thing we have in common- HANDSONE,HUMBLE and RESPECTFUL.thats it

  • Thats right my friend ..
    Dapat sinama mo narin ang kasabihan na “dibale ay isisa basta LEVIS” haha

  • if only i have known this before…. 🙁

  • Im admiring also an igorot men and dating wid him, d r good quite nd respectfull, sooner we plan to get married.

  • Have you noticed? almost all of the comments are written in english with a least grammatical error. If this post is about lowlandanders. For sure, the comments are written in tagalog or native tongue only. Hehehe. (I am not an igorot but i was born and raised here in the highlands. I consider myself igorot by heart. Hehe. I tried chewing betel nut. It’s nice. Hehe)

  • Well said. That’s what it takes to be an Igorot man. People from the lowlands has to understand this fact wholeheartedly..so as to avoid tribal misconception and or discrimination.

  • Thats right my husband is full blooded Igorot

  • ay aye. Ay inayan pay ha mo.
    6. A typical igorot guy drinks. If you’re lucky, he even chews betel nut., and if you are the luckiest, he might even take an empty bottle of cobra energy drink, place it on the backpocket of his levis jeans ( or Jag jeans) and use it as an portable spitting container. Now, that is what you call practical.

  • 6. Igorot guy loves country music. As if its their driving force when working whereas they dont notice that their job is done. Some would buy a gift to their girlfriend but they will ask their ladies freind or the friend of their girlfriend to give it for him.:) 🙂

  • totally agree…
    if i can add up

    “an igorot guy from the 90’s own a pair of ‘ambil’ jeans” =)

  • Love this.. Haha.. Proud IGOROT HERE’

  • Good points. I’m the quintessential Igorot during my college days (mid 80’s). There’s a reason why we were mistakenly thought of as “shy” or “unromantic”. We’ve esteemed ladies up high, always mindful not to be brash but respectful of her personal space, security and comfort. Unlike today’s girls, flowers were impractical and considered cheesy but what impressed an Igorot lady is a guy who can carry anything or render labor. Traditional courtship required display of prowess to her immediate family thus romance was pragmatic. Igorot girls back then knew that a guy who spends beyond his means dining on posh restaurants was only wanting to get her to bed. Good Taste or Jack’s or Marosan’s whatever was very realistic and romantic. And that was our world back then, my friends.

  • hahahaha.. i found this a fun. Got a lot of laughter and smile, Yeah

  • This is so true! 🙂 I fell inlove with an Igorot. I used to love those characteristics.

    I just hate the fact that we cant be together. T____T

  • I am from pangasinan but grew up here in makati…when i studied in baguio, i met my husband and he is from sagada..he is an igorot..i used to notice these kind of personality which is innate to him..since i wanna see the sweetest part in him,i taught him our ways at the same tym i accepted his culture…today he is the sweetest(knows how to do PDA(haha),caring,responsible and most faithful man ive ever known..i will always love him and guess am really the lucky one cuz of him…

  • they also loves listening to country music, hehe haharanahin ka w/ country songs and songs that are sung in their dialect, 😉 most of them are stick to one 😉
    , date sa jacks goodtaste and i also introduced him to mang inasal haha kumakain kami ng nagkakamay lang no hand guards and he loves it. Theyre not that sweet but there would always be a time that you’ll appriciate it, ung tipong one small act of sweetness kilig to the bones ka na, hawakan lang kamay mo kilig much na, bigla ka lang akbayan during cold season lakas na ng tibok ng puso mo.

  • they’re simply the best no pretentions. they dont have to tell you how much they love you every minute because they always do in their heart
    🙂 #iloveIgorotIbaloi

  • bonie mosche nava

    i love the igorot people..i hope magkaron ako ng fren na igorot..love so much..

  • I fell in love with an Igorot guy. We dated for like 2 months before he asked me to be his girl. This post is so cute. It’s so him, haha no offense to those who hate it but he loves a subtle PDA 🙂

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