You’re turning 30 and still single? – Here are the things you need to prepare for!

Have you ever read the shortest fairy tale ever written? It goes this way:
There was a man who proposed to his girl: “Will you marry me?”. She said no, and he lived happily ever after!

I always wanted to marry by the time I’m 27…. Nahhh whatever…

At 30 I’m still single and here are some funny things I always had to deal with litterally all the time!..

1. You always need to pay a bigger portion of the bill
Every time that you go out with your buddies to eat outside or have some drink, It would seem like you are required to pay twice or thrice or even pay half of the entire bill. Your friends will always exclaim “kasla adda pakpakanem nga!” (as though you have a kid or a wife to support) ohhhhh yeahhhh, well ok.

2. You’re almost out of the calendar 

You would just hear someone say : Apay mano kadin ti tawen mo, 30 en nya, mangasawa kan a, anya paylang ururayem? Lumagpas kan ti kalendaryo! (You’re 30 right, get married, what are you waiting for? You’re almost out of the calendar!)
Trust me, it would just come out of nowhere, at an unexpected place, at an unexpected time, from an unexpected person!

3. Attending a wedding is a challenge
You need to be extra prepared if you attend a wedding specially for one specific question: “sika ngai Kaano ka met ngai nga agayab?” (How about you, when are you going to invite?). You’ll never be an expert on answering these questions, trust me!

4. Everyone seems to know someone  who is perfect for you
Your Lolas, Lolos, Uncles, Aunts, and everyone else seems to know a perfect partner for you!
Like seriously? The one you want me to meet is ?!@#$% or is !@#$%… I’m not picky but the person is just not fit for me. (Sa edad mong yan choosy ka pa!)… oh well I guess I’m picky…

5. Your parents will play the role of cupid
One time my mother called me on an unexpected time of the day. I was very busy in the office when my mother called, I really thought it was an emergency because of the sound of her voice and her first few words. I burst into laughter when she was giving me a phone number asking me to text a girl (txtmate ek kano) and look her up in facebook. I guess, I would also have to endure their unsolicited matchmaking efforts.

This would end by the time I settle down, but when I’m going to settle down is still a big “?”. Until then, I would just sit back and relax while the Celestial bodies and everything in it seems to conspire!

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, am I? Anyone of you also experiencing these things or other things I have not mentioned? Share it on the comment box.

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Disclaimer: The article is written according the authors own experiences and not research based and therefore does not reflect Baguio Local Eye as a whole


  • Paul
    November 1, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Scary. It has been almost a year and not a single reply to commiserate or add to your post. Maybe you are the only single guy in Baguio. Scary.

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