5,000 Fun-facts to know before dating a typical Igorot Lady

1. A typical Igorot Lady is not a good cook

Accept it guys, though we know they are always ready to help in cooking, but the fact is, it really the men who cook specially during occasions.

This does not mean though that she cannot cook at all. In fact she does, she can also do a lot of Pacham dishes (pachamba dishes, dishes with no names or recipes). Thanks to the internet, she now has more options.

Don’t worry, Igorot men are not picky eaters.

2. Make-up is not her thing

She is beautiful inside out so make-up is not really a must. Not that she doesn’t like to wear make-up, in fact she also does but just for special occasions.

3. Do not expect her to wear sexy outfit (Not that she is not confident about her figure, she is just conservative)

If you want a fashionista then back-off, she is not for you. She is simple and practical. Fashion and trend is the least in her list (hmmm help me out on this part ladies, probably on your comments).

She even swims wearing pants and t-shirt on the beach or swimming pool unless there is a required proper swimming attire by the resort.

4. She’s got muscles too (if you’re lucky she is more of a cowgirl than you)

Guys, she literally can keep-up with you, may it be in hiking or trekking. She can even beat you on your own game, so do not dare challenge her.

To be specific about those muscles, it’s just those calves. Probably because of mountainous landscape of the Cordilleras.

5. She is not sweet nor showy, but she is definitely loving and caring.

Probably a natural reaction to the not so romantic male counterparts.

So, it might not be her fault at all. Seems like it goes back to the typical Igorot guy thing. You not being romantic fired back.

6. Nahhhh…She is too complicated…feel free to identify numbers 6 until 5000…

I can only enumerate 5 fun-facts… I know you have a lot to include, add it on the comment box :)…

Ladies, sorry but we need to level the playing field. It’s the men’s turn now to prove if these fun-facts stated are true. This is just for our enjoyment as readers and not to degrade any party nor to stir-up conflict. The key word is “typical”, meaning, it may not be true to all.

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This are just the views of the writer and not Baguio Local Eye as a whole.
The writer does not claim to be expert in women. This article is not also based on research nor survey. Just an observation of a proud Igorot himself who grew up in a local community.



  • Iyaman
    December 18, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Plus an igorota don’t want to be the center of the crowd nor being out of place… if you wan’t to please her better don’t promise the world that you can’t fulfill, just be your self… she loves country music especially inspirational one and wants refreshing adverture for life… don’t plan a date on costly restaurant, she’s too practical for that… ask her for picnics along river banks, trecking on mountain ranges and watching sunrises and sunsets; and she’s happily obligue… a typical igorota.

  • Bench
    November 20, 2015 at 11:54 am

    keep and must stay on being conservative

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