A childish longing for our version of fairy tales

All of us boys have a feminine side and a childish longing for our version of fairy tales. Now i’m old and still having a tug-of-war with many childish fascination.

We Igorots are amorous. It’s just that, we cannot simply bring out and express our innate romantic nature. Ananusan yo adi dakami tan nay ay kaman nina di ugali mi (Just please understand us because that is who we are). Ngem no maipanggep adi si galdin et kabisado mi pay (But when it comes to farming, you can count on our expertise).

My dad is one of the sweetest lover and my mom is a beautiful and caring individual. I am a wonderful product of that love. We all go to the movies, to hot springs and lots of local walks here in Baguio. Then in those days, Aurora theater is the next best there is from Session (now renovated as Volante pizza). Walking down to Magsaysay to the jeep terminal i will rush in front of them to act out the epic scene of the movie we just watched. Many of the sweetest evening walks in my life. We can’t afford farther excursions then but every moment is exciting and I love being held by their warm hands as we visit places around town.

I lost them both to disease. I thought it will be a lasting poetry of loving and caring for us-me not wanting to grow and be their little kid forever. Now I’m an old and loveless Igorot trying out my inherited charisma. That is if I could over power my shy mango nature and able to bring out my Don Juan romantic tendencies.

Soft music became my constant friend. We both cheer in sorrow along with loneliness and his drinking buddies in a basement bar in my mind. We usually belch on a common song by sad folk singers on them jukebox (they still play inside my mind somewhere). I hope it’s not tumor pressing on my poetic circuitry.

Art, Adadu metten naibaga kon. Be sweet and love a lot!

Have a great day dear Art!

  • by Johan Lopez


Disclaimer: This excerpt is taken from the comments section of the article about a typical Igorot guy and therefore does not reflect Baguio Local Eye as a whole.

PHOTO SOURCE: Day Eng Di Kabiligan – https://scontent-frt3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10985584_874597375933548_1653392283305655540_n.jpg?oh=d312f03599da8e143b566effc57cf099&oe=56DFA4FC


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