The excitement…the laughter…the parties…the prices…. Yes the price, by prices meaning candies, wow candies!!!

When I was a kid, I love the thought of being able to go to the neighbour’s house and sing Christmas carols and hopefully be given a generous amount of money, generous meaning, hopefully me and my caroling companions be given a whooping 2 pesos, 3 pesos already means lavish and 5 pesos is a jackpot. Well that was in the 90’s where coins are considered money (now, I give my nieces 10 pesos and they will cry foul, should be 100, the heck).

As someone who grew up in the mines, where life is simple Christmas means a lot. Back in the days, I know that it’s close to Christmas not because it’s December but because of things I see on the neighbourhood. Christmas is near when I see Belen slowly being built in every barangay. Christmas is near when our neighbourhood would meet and talk about the design of the Christmas lantern that will be displayed on each house. And yes, every barangay has their own unique design so you’ll know which barangay a house belongs.

There would also be a lots of day and night shows organized by the community. Variety shows, concerts, awarding, talent competitions, Parole competitions, sports competitions and masses, name it we have it and that would run for many days. The highlight of course would be on the day before Christmas where they would award the winners. Then If our Barangay wins some of the prices then the party begins (our barangay would still have a party even if we do not win, winning just adds more excitement and more budget)

As a kid, Christmas Party would mean a lot of food (pancit and macaroni salad) and lots of prices. Lots of prices means lots and lots of candies up for grabs. Games would be organized by the youth in the barangays. Games like, stop dance, news paper dance, sack race, breaking the pot, trip to Jerusalem and many more. I would ready my plastic bag where I could put my reward (candies and other goodies).

I don’t know how the kids today view their Christmas. They would soon probably write their own view in the near future like I did. Things might have changed a lot but I’m sure one thing remains. Christmas is for Kids.

How about you? What does Christmas feel like when you were a kid?

Share it with us on the comment box.

Disclaimer: Article is the authors own view about Christmas ansd does not the views of Baguio Local Eye as a whole


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