Dogs for pet and food – a boy’s first heartache…

When I was a little boy, I always liked puppies specially the furry ones.

I named my childhood dog Raypark. He is huge, brown and very energetic. He always beats me in a race. I love playing with my dog. Chase of course is his favorite game. I would run then my dog comes running after me and overtakes me, then i would trick my dog and go to the other direction and then he would overtake me again.

I was at school when they butchered my dog and ended up at the dining table or shall I say drinking table. Tears just kept falling on my eyes no matter how I try to blink fast and do my best not to cry. The pain was  unbearable that time and I was just so heart broken. No more Raypark running to meet and play with me after school. For days I felt like I was betrayed.

It was just sad that he ended up as a “pulutan” by my dad and his friends. My dad’s friends would always come and offer me money for the dog, which I always rejected.

Where i grew up, It’s very common that dogs end up on the dining table. I have had some other dogs that was made “pulutan” before, but this time it felt different.

That was the last pet I ever had, I never had the courage to get a new one fearing that I may get too attached again. But if ever I had another pet, it will still be named Raypark.

(This was written few years ago, now I have a dog named Dongee, a huge furry dog)

Now I enjoy eating dog meat too. Dog meat is used to be delicacy in many small restaurants in Baguio. It’s part of the culture to have some ocassionaly.

Too bad for me, a dog lover and a dog eater at the same time.

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  • Chef Asland
    March 21, 2016 at 2:11 am

    The same thing happened to me back when I was a kid…I loved my dog so much that I cried when I came home one afternoon only to see him become a delicacy served on the table…I did eat dog meat before but never tasted again after realizing what was being enjoyed on the plate was my playmate…I’m 31 now and I never tasted dog meat for 22 years.

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