After being hit and thrown by a speeding motorcyle, you won’t believe what he did after…

Around 1:30PM, I was hungry after doing my tasks. I felt like I don’t want the usual meals served in our company pantry so I decided to go out for lunch.

Rode down the elevator to the ground, then went out of the building. Since the “not expensive” meals are located outside the business compound where our office is located, I decide to go out.

The cars begun to come as soon as I had my third step crossing an intersection. I pressed on since I can see that they are still far. Then here are the motorcycles driving at full speed, seems like they are racing against time or racing against each other. Then comes the decision that I need to make in a split of a second. If I go back, Trucks or cars would hit me, If I move forward I might hit the speeding motorcycles.

Then I found myself being thrown meters away. I can recall the front wheel of the motorcycle hitting my right leg but not sure what hit my right arm.

Being thrown meters away, luckily I was still standing sideways. When I looked at my right, I can see the rider and his riding companion fallen on the ground, the motorcycle was flipped on the right. Still in shock, I was just staring at the rider looking at me and cursing me though I wasn’t sure what those curse words are. Seems like he is showing me his right leg wounded from being scratched as he hit the pavement.

I’m sure people were like shouting and the curious started to gather around. Then I walked to the side.

I didn’t fell to the ground so I don’t have any scratches nor was I wounded from the impact, I’m sure the impact was so great because the Motorcycle might have been running at the spead between 60-70KPH (I’m a rider too, so I should know).

A traffic enforcer and a security guard from a nearby establishment approached me and started to ask a lot of questions which I only understood some. I was sure they were asking if I’m fine so I told them that I was. After checking my leg and with my two hands trying to search my whole body for reassurance that I’m in one piece then I reassured them that I’m ok.

Going back to the rider and his riding companion, the rider grabbed his motorcycle to put it up then he pulled over to the side as commanded by the traffic enforcer, then the enforcer approached him. I can remember him still cursing but when the traffic officer talked to him, he realized that he is on the loosing side in case we go on for settlement, since he was on full speed and that I was hit on the zebra crossing, there are no traffic lights on the area too. I saw his face changed, from the face of rage to a calm one. I was just staring at him, not really sure how to react.

The traffic enforcer approached me again and asked if I had anything to say or do. I told the enforcer just to let go of the rider and his riding companion. After making sure that I really made up my mind to let the let them go then he let them leave.

The rider this time didn’t look at me directly, didn’t approach me nor did he even say anything (He could’ve just said sorry).

I continued to walk until reached the fast food restaurant. On the restaurant, I was still blank. I believe the cashier asked me 3 times what I want to order then I kept telling her I want 1 piece chicken. When I got my order I searched for vacant seats, luckily there are few customers. I was just staring at my food with my mind trying to recall everything that had just happened.

I was held my phone then kept scrolling, looking for a friend to tell what happened to me, I need to let it out. After texting some friends, I opened facebook. I begun to type my prayer of thanksgiving, thanking God for letting me survive an accident without any wounds then shared it online. Then stared back at my food again and just keep on thinking again.

I’m glad I did not took the plate number of the motorcycle nor the names of the person who hit me. At least I can really forgive and forget, dumb huh? I think otherwise.

I can’t simply be Iron man as I kept jokingly tell my friends and everyone asking about the accident. I know I’m covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and that I have a guardian angel always watching over me.

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience and a detailed summary as far as the writer can recall. Accident happened in Pasig, Metro Manila.


  • Sebastian M
    January 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Inbagam kuma ta sinabat mi.

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