Excerpts from readers on our article: Reasons why Highlanders Love Country Music

Here are 2 excerpts from the article comment box writtten by our readers that are worth sharing to give us more insight about our love for country music…

From Francis Lammawin:

I grow up in the mountains called Mountain Province at that time. In the 1950’s we listened and mostly exposed to radio musics popular at that time sung by Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, and mostly country music singers. Most western movies at that time were Durango kid, John Wayne cowboy movies. So we did have a great western cowboy influence and it was passed on to the present generation. At that time we have a famous local singer by the name of Vic Sinalpan who drives a Dangwa bus from Tabuk to Baguio singing country songs all the way. And not only are we influenced by country music but also in cowboy attires as well. Local shoe and repair stores trive with cowboy boots and hats at that time and I believed even till nowadays. Tagalog movies in those days were also cowboy movies by Fernando Poe Jr. Eddie Garcia, Max Alvarado, Joseph Estrada, etc. and so there were also some influence of country culture somewhere like in Mindanao. But you will always find hillbillys in the Cordilleras 🙂


From Flor Apalias:

Thanks for the post.

It was the orig western country music+ plus folk songs. It is bec western songs are all about life stories… Country life/ setting including about horses, family life, adventures. Country love songs are just recent.

It was the americans, when they started building baguio as vacation place for american dignitaries, they employed local people, they introduce education. It may also tru the episcopalian missionaries, who introduce music in education as well as in church.

The americans also influenced the local people to use cowboy hats n outfits. Some had traded their americanas, hats n leader jackets in exchange for g-strings.


Disclaimer: These excepts are from our readers on it’s base form, meaning we posted it as it is, without editing (plain copy and paste) and this therefore does not reflect Baguio Local Eye.


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