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Nov 16
5,000 Fun-facts to know before dating a typical Igorot Lady

1. A typical Igorot Lady is not a good cook Accept it guys, though we know they are…

Nov 11
5 fun-facts to know before dating a typical Igorot guy

1. A typical Igorot guy is not romantic Do not expect an igorot guy to hold your hands…

Nov 10

  Wondering how the angle of this photo was shot? That’s right, the pen is…

Nov 10

  Getting a 360 view is both a skill and an art. hold on tight, falling is not an…

Nov 09

Ever had a chance to partake of this local food? Nothing really unique about the food…

Nov 09
Lady & the puppy

  Staying focused on the target – just a piece of it please

Nov 09
Baguio Zombie Walk

The Walking Dead came to town, but they’re not here to eat your brains. They’re here…

Nov 09

Few weeks after a storm has passed is the best time to enjoy the rivers. The waters…

Nov 08

Ever got that carefree feeling where you just want to roll on slightly sloping terrain…