You are an Igorot if…

1. You at least know how to speak or understand your mother tongue
While it’s true that we must learn how to speak English and Tagalog to be globally and locally competitive, it is a shame not to know your mother tongue. It is a challenge for all to start knowing your local dialect, at least understand it if you do not know it yet. For parents, teach you kids about your local dialect not just English.
I guess, it is because of this that DepEd now has the Mother tongue mode of instruction in the early primary schooling.

2. You at least know how to play gongs or dance to the sound of it
You don’t need to be an expert in playing the gong or be an expert dancer to dance with its tune. Just enjoy it.

3. You at least know how to kill a chicken softly for pinikpikan(for the men)
Modern world, too busy bla bla bla… Still guys, this is a must know. I remember my dad always reminding me to at least know how to cook pinikpikan starting from the butchering process or know how to properly chop the chicken and clean the intestines too.

4. You love to go home to your hometown once in a while
Just knowing where you came from does not give you enough connection to your roots. For fellow Igorots working in the cities or having their own businesses. Visit your hometown once in a while, not just because you want to relax but because you want to connect with your people.

5. You are proud to identify yourself as an Igorot without any hesitation whenever you are asked
Fear of discrimination? Very poor excuse. Wearing your Igorotak shirt is ok but I also see a lot of people wearing it knowing that it’s a souvenir item. If people around you do not know what an Igorot really is then plain and simple, educate them.

I only identified 5, feel free to add on the comment box what you think are the must know things of a true Igorot.


Disclaimer: This are just the writers own thoughts and does not reflect Baguio Local Eye as a whole. This is just for readers enjoyment and should not be a venue for debate or conflict.


  • Jason Altatis
    September 16, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Majority of us have “sinoid” or “mongol-like” facial feature, esp the eyes.

  • karen
    February 16, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    great…..igorots are really proud of their culture and tradition…still have strong ties to it,,we always look back to our family traces,,,,,yes we love being part of the igorot nation…..yeeeeeeeepeeeeeeee!

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